Case #2- Lil’ Wayne and “Bedrock”

Young Money Record Label Founder Lil’ Wayne has been sued by Done Deal Enterprises, a company based in Georgia. Weezy, as he is known, was recently just let out of jail after serving a -year jail sentence for illegal gun possession. Now, Dwayne Carter, his real name, has further legal troubles to deal with. Done Deal has sued the rapper for 15 million dollars of damages for allegedly stealing parts of single hit “Bedrock” that had been copyrighted.

Wayne and his company have denied stealing any parts of the single that has been credited with “launching the careers of Nicki Minaj and Drake in 2009”.


Weezy was supposed to appear in court late last year to defend himself and prove that done deal didn’t deserve the 15 million dollars in damages that they were seeking.

This correlates with the issues that the music industry is facing with copyright laws these days. According to the 1976 Copyright Act, the owner of copyright has exclusive rights to reproduction, distribution, and other rights. Mashup artists like GirlTalk have had to toe this line closely as they produce their mashups. Other artists have lost money in lawsuits for similar purposes.

As we discussed in class, I think that it is vital that the laws of copyrights be revised as they relate to media in this day and age. So much peer to peer file sharing occurs that it is tough to get a hold of the true owner sometimes. It is important to define the changes that have occurred since 1976 and more closely reflect the digital world we now live in.



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