Mobile Marketing Case Study


  • One company that has dedicated significant resources to mobile media is Entercom Communication radio affiliate WEEI 93.7 FM in Boston and the surrounding New England Airwaves. WEEI was acquired by Entercom in 1998, where program director and current afternoon drive show host Glenn Ordway took over the on-air operations for the Boston sports talk radio station. Under his leadership, WEEI enjoyed over a decade of dominance in the Boston radio market. There were a couple of competing stations over the years such as 1510 The Zone, a fox affiliate, and 890 ESPN. These competitors tried and failed to take over the top spot in the ratings.


  • The station has relied on a steady stream of programming from 6 AM to 11 PM daily of live sports call-in radio. Additionally, they have a longstanding relationship with the Boston Red Sox as their flagship station, which brings additional ratings and numerous marketing opportunities each year.


  • Recently, however, the station has been floundering. CBS has launched 98.5 The Sports Hub, the first full time competitor that has the resources to compete. They pieced together a dominant schedule of shows themselves, while also serving as the radio partners of the Bruins and Patriots. Their hosts bring a welcome change for those that have grown tired of WEEI’s incessant status quo style, with nearly all of the hosts serving similar posts for the better part of the last 15 years.

  • The Sports Hub has taken over, dominating in the ratings for over a year now. As such, WEEI has needed to make an effort to reach out to the fans of Boston for additional income.  They have launched a system via SMS text message where a fan can sign up and get live updates from all 4 major sports teams as they are happening. They text you when the Bruins take the lead or the Patriots close out a victory. This service costs a fee which varies from provider to provider, I know a when I signed up for it briefly Verizon charged $9.99 per month. It can be a invaluable service for those who want to be tuned in, but it is certainly expensive.


  • This service was designed to raise additional revenue for a company that had been losing money from some of its sponsors as their ratings have plummeted.  It is designed for the main demographic, the 24-55 year old male, as well as a smaller percentage of teens and Women.


  • This strategy has been somewhat effective for WEEI. For some people that have converted to listening to The Sports Hub full time, this service gives them a reason to be affiliated with WEEI. They have maintained a reasonably strong hold on their old time listeners and this new service is their attempt to keep it that way.

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